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Professional, high-quality sugaring pastes and body care for every body, region and season


Cosmenia, founded in 2014 in Munich, is synonymous with aesthetics, nature and awareness - through sugaring.

Cosmenia embodies the attitude towards life of self-confident and natural beauty combined with the delicate, sensual aspects of velvety-soft skin.

 We love to create the highest quality sugaring and body care products and feel obliged to use only highly tolerable, natural and laboratory-derived ingredients with great antioxidant effects. The active ingredients of coffee and cocoa form the unique basis of our sugaring pastes. This is how we succeeded in developing modern, functional cosmetics that promote the youthfulness of the skin and correspond to the individual lifestyle.

Our products are vegan, made in Europe and tested exclusively on Cosmenia Sugar Babes.

DIY Sugaring Paste hair removal | Home-Set


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Is Sugaring better than Waxing?

In contrast to waxing, when depilating with sugaring, the body-warm paste is allowed to sink into the hair follicle by applying pressure against the growth direction of the hair, so as to gently enclose the whole hair. When the sugar paste is removed in the direction of growth, the hair is gently and effectively detached from the hair follicle and is not torn off or torn against the direction of growth. The removal of pain with the direction of hair growth is greatly reduced. The sugaring pastes from Cosmenia are free of chemical ingredients.

Benefits of hair removal with the Sugaring paste from Cosmenia

✔️ natural and pure Ingredients 

✔️ no risk of burning

✔️ Sugaring Paste won’t stick to live skin

✔️ Sugar never dries on skin - water soluble

✔️ Sugaring is more sanitary, bacteria resistant and reduces inflammation

✔️ Sugaring removes very short hairs from 2-3 mm

✔️ Sugaring will not break hair, helps eliminate ingrown hairs

✔️ Sugaring leads to permanency

✔️ Coffee or Chocolate is a rich source of Antioxidants 

✔️ Sugar, Coffee or Chocolate makes the skin smooth and clean

✔️ For all skin types/ areas and seasons 

✔️ Helps to exfoliate, minimizes cellulite ( lipolytic-effect on fat cells ) and it enhances circulation