Evgenia (Nia) Roudnikli is the founder and CEO of Cosmenia.

From an early age, the native Greek has felt a strong inclination to nature and aesthetics: "Every summer I spent my childhood in the large garden of my grandparents in Greece. Between the whole almond and lemon trees that grew there and under the vine arbor I imagined to produce ointments and creams with natural products. "Childish reveries, which should come true many years later.


Today, Evgenia continues to develop new cosmetics that continually expand the portfolio of Cosmenia. The name Cosmenia, however, exists for some time - Evgenia had the idea as a fourteen-year-old. He's made up of cosmetics - of course - and her nickname "Nia" together.


After her cosmetic training (2001-2005) Evgenia learned in 2010 in one of its many trainings Sugaring as just rediscovered method of hair removal - and love: "The special thing about Sugaring is that the hair with the root removed, and not such as during waxing, be canceled. That it hurts even less is a wonderful side effect. "


Delighted with this gentle yet highly effective method, she decided to create her own sugar pastes. After a long period of development and testing, she found a family-run company in Italy that has been producing the Cosmenia sugar pastes according to Evgenia's recipe since 2013. They contain natural ingredients, such as Coffee or cocoa that soothes the skin during a sugaring session.


In your own Sugaring Studio in Munich, the pastes are used every day in Evgenia's treatments. Through direct feedback from their customers, Evgenia has been able to further refine its cosmetics over the years: