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Sugaring and vegan beauty products for professional and home use. The Cosmenia © sugaring pastes are made from 100 percent natural materials and are therefore at the same time effective and very gentle. From Aloe Vera & Oil to sugaring paste - you find your dream product and get additional tips and tricks for the application.

Hair removal with sugar paste

Sugaring is a soft and gentle method of hair removal with sugar paste..

The Sugaring is to remove a natural and very effective method of hair. The hair is not ripped like the waxing, instead, the hair is removed with the direction of hair growth. This makes you feel less pain, the hair can not cancel when used correctly and not later grow.

The sugar paste originated more than 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. At that time you used this way for gentle hair removal and body care with antiseptic effect. Sugar was then later in antiquity as "Cleopatra's Gold". Some time later, in times when drugs were scarce, the sugar was used for disinfection and wound healing. To date, to the basic formulation nothing changed. Cosmenia® made with other natural ingredients such as Coffee and cocoa optimized, maintaining our customers not only a gentle hair removal, but concurrent care, firming and soothing the skin in one.

"Gold of Cleopatra"

Sugar was several hundred years ago as a luxury and remedies. Sugar was used for disinfection and wound healing by the antiseptic action. In cosmetics, sugar is used more and more, it contains different factors and components that Moisturizing and sustaining work. Meanwhile, it has researched, particularly well counteract the sugar molecules of skin aging.

About Cosmenia

Evgenia Roudnikli

is the Founder of Cosmenia© | Beauty-Expert, Makeup Artist, Color- and Style Consultant and Depiladora - so Expert in Hair removal

After many years of experience in practice, it has recognized that the Sugaring is the best method for long-term body hair removal. For one, it is very thorough and deep root, on the other hand gentle on skin. Especially due to the antibacterial effect of the sugar. Therefore, you had the idea to optimize the conventional sugar paste / Sugaring paste by adding coffee and cocoa. These natural ingredients are already known in cosmetics. The *flavonoids contained therein have a demonstrably anti-aging effect and be treated by other ingredients such as * Coco-Heal, which promotes wound healing, prevents skin damage and increases wrinkles. The caffeine contained in coffee improves blood circulation and thus the breakdown of fat cells. But this creates in connection with the sugar paste a 2 in 1 product that has not existed so far. Depth effect depilate and maintain the same time, reassure and even taut. The vegetable fats alter the consistency of sugarpaste and the nurturing aromas relax the skin in addition.

is especially well for hair removal on sensitive areas such as the bikini area suitable. These applications are very intimate and many want the hair removal at these sites rather own conduct. The Sugaring is easy to perform with a little practice - of each well at home.
The sugar pastes are made from 100 percent natural, renewable raw materials and contain no mineral oil or similar artificial additives.
Whether our special studios or as an end user for home use: Let us convince you of our innovative Sugaring products.
Ob in unseren ausgewählten Studios oder als Endverbraucher für die Anwendung zu Hause, Lassen Sie sich von unseren innovativen Sugaring Produkten überzeugen!

* flavonoids are phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic effects.
N-phenyl-propenol-L-amino acid amides or short * Coco-called Heal. This substance should stick veritable miracles. Coco-Heal has a growth-promoting action on skin cells called keratinocytes. His skin regenerative and wound healing properties can therefore be used to treat sunburn and in anti-aging products.